Welcome to the mobile app A5 My Business

How to get started?

Download the app

The “A5 My Business” application can be downloaded for Android-smartphones via Google Play. Scan QR-code via QR-Reader (in the settings of your phone or through the QR-Reader app).



The application must be logged in. Fill in the required fields and wait for the letter by e-mail.


Pass the verification

After registration you will receive an e-mail. He confirms that you are really registered with the mobile application “A5 My Business”



You must specify user data (login and password) for authorization and further work.


Create company profile

After creating a profile, you will receive a letter with a link to the personal company name and company employee registration form.


Create a storefront profile

The profile will be created with an affiliation to the company.


Register employees

After registration, it will be possible to search the database of registered account cards and administer the work of the company’s employees.


Administer the staff

Distribute role and access rights to employees, depending on the position and needs.


Take advantage of the application

Take advantage of the mobile app’s full potential! Analytics, Reports, Reminders, and Other Useful Features.


Be the first !

If you want to be a pro in the application – subscribe to our channel on YouTube. There you will find a wealth of useful material that will help you to master the features of the application.

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